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♕ ○ ooc contact

i n f o ⤵
Jen (or Jenda, if you know too many Jens)
timezone GMT -7 (Mountain Standard Time, USA)

c o n t a c t ⤵
sacred strike
dreamwidth [personal profile] ocarinas
email wisest.of.them.all [at]
plurk [ profile] knighted

n a v i g a t i o n ⤵
interaction logpermissions
additional infoic contactrelationships

Need to contact me for plot, missed tags, or anything else? Either leave a comment here (best way) or by any of the other means listed above.

Since this currently isn't an HMD, comment screening is off, anon commenting is off, and IP logging is on. If this post becomes an HMD at a later date, the settings will be changed.