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can i break the fourth wall with this character?
I'd prefer not. It's not a type of interaction I particular enjoy with Zelda.

can i threadhop/threadjack with this character?
Absolutely!-- Unless I have otherwise specified that a thread or log is closed to a particular character or characters. Please try to maintain a posting order, such as Character A → Character B → Your Character → repeat. I get very mixed up otherwise.

can i backtag/late-tag with this character?
Yes!! I'm a fairly slow tagger myself. I will happily continue to tag your replies as long as you like. If I have stopped tagging a thread with you and you would like to continue it, please let me know. It's likely that I simply lost the tag.

do you mind spoilers about my character/fandom?
Generally, I don't mind at all! If you are playing a character from a fandom I don't want spoilers about, I will take the initiative to contact you. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

can my character use text/typing quirks when replying to yours?
Go for it! Zelda will definitely be confused by it and struggle to understand some of the more unique quirks.

are there any subjects that bother you which might come up in roleplaying?
I'm pretty sensitive about rape and questionable consent. General mentions and references are okay, but anything more detailed bothers me. I also won't participate in anything that involves rape, non-con, or dub-con.

( i c )
info for telepaths/mind readers
→ reading zelda's mind Zelda has a weak grasp on telepathy and is only able to communicate with the four Guardians of Light in her world. She is highly perceptive and would notice a mental connection if someone attempted to read her mind. However, she has very little ability to guard her mind against intrusion. Because Zelda holds the Triforce of Wisdom, her mind is highly unique compared to most people's. The landscape of her mind is Hyrule as she knew it when she was a child--peaceful, prosperous, and full of light.
→ sensing her soul/aura Zelda's aura is very unique, since she possesses the Triforce of Wisdom. It grants her a tremendous amount of magic and intelligence, the limits of which even Zelda cannot comprehend. She has only scratched the surface of her potential abilities. If her soul were to have a color, it would be pale gold or possibly white. It does not glow, but it does not waver.
→ sensitive subjects Zelda shoulders guilt and regrets for what happened to Hyrule when Zant usurped her throne. She occasionally wonders if she made the right decision when Zant threatened her.
→ people Though Zelda cares greatly for all of her countrymen, her mind is generally free of company. She owes a great debt of gratitude to the hero who freed them all and restored her throne, Link. She feels a strong connection to Midna, fellow displaced ruler.
→ mind control Please ask me before using any form of mind control on Zelda. It has happened to her canonically and I will most likely be okay with it happening again, but I like to know what is going on.
→ off-limits topics Zelda's parents. Because there is no canon information about them, I prefer to avoid discussing them as much as I can.

physical contact
→ general touching Totally fine, but Zelda is not used to frequent physical contact, being a princess, and may be uncomfortable with it.
→ hugging/embracing/holding Still fine, still awkward.
→ kissing Acceptable, but Zelda probably won't appreciate it.
→ sex It's highly unlikely that Zelda will ever get that close to another person, but it's all dependent on CR. Ask my permission first. Both muse and mun are over 18. Non-con and dub-con are unacceptable.

→ general fighting/arguing Acceptable. Zelda is pretty weak overall, so there's little chance that she can put up much of a fight. She's pretty skilled with a bow and arrows, though.
→ injuring Go for it, but run it by me first.
→ killing Nope.

Your character, no matter their gender, is free to flirt with Zelda, but the result will probably be pretty sad. Zelda has little to no experience with flirting and is more likely to be completely oblivious to anyone's attempts to flirt with her. Upon discovering that flirting is occurring, Zelda will probably ask your character to stop as politely as possible. Your character is welcome to continue attempting to flirt with (or, more accurately, flirt at) Zelda, but she probably won't appreciate it, unless your character has pretty good CR with her.

Developing a platonic relationship with Zelda can be a bit difficult and requires attention. Zelda does not open up to others easily and often keeps people at arm's length, limiting them to acquaintances. Persistence is necessary to develop a friendship with Zelda, but by no means is it impossible. Though she may appear cold on the surface, Zelda is actually very sweet inside.

If your character is interested in a romantic relationship with Zelda, I wish them the best of luck. I play Zelda as gray-asexual, meaning that she does not normally experience any kind of physical or sexual attraction to other people and has little to no sex drive. It is not a conscious choice of abstinence, but a complete inability to feel sexual attraction. Establishing a romantic relationship with Zelda will require a significant amount of positive CR and a little bit of luck. As a player, I'm very open to the possibility of exploring a romantic relationship between Zelda and another character, but I won't downplay the challenge.

No other IC warnings at this time.